About Us

In this blog we will talk about beats, rap, new artists, hip hop music, trap music, but also everything that has to do with urban music in general. In this blog, what artists think is important, but also the rappers who are trying to break into the world of urban music right now are important.

I also think that as producers of beats we all must promote our producer and this blog is dedicated to the promotion of beats of those who are trying to make themselves known in the business of music in which the sale and distribution of beats is important.

You can be the best new sound artist, who writes the most beautiful verses, sound engineer, or producer that Mixed & Mastered your own creation or beats, if nobody appreciates your work you do not exist in the world of music. In my particular case this blog is a tool to let fans know what you can create as an artist.

 In a few words in you could be able to create a hit that nobody has heard before, but if you do not have the means to present your music the world is missing what you can create as an artist and that is a shame, for you that has the recognition it deserves and the public who are losing the opportunity to listen to a type of music that can transform their lives.

That is why I believe that one of the first task of each producer or urban music artists apart from creating music is to look for or establish the platforms that will show their music to each one of the fans who like their style of music and the way how do you tell your story through lyric and beats of a track.

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