Think about it - The new sound that is revolutionizing music right now

Think about  it

A type of song that is revolutionizing the way people are listening and watching music! Think about  it, it's for me the kind of new sound that you should hear if you want to be aware of what is happening in the music market right now.

If you are a fan of trap music, hip hop or rap music, I can tell you that this track will fulfill all your expectations as a fanatic as you are of the good sound. Both the singer and the music producer put all their heart, effort and talent to do an excellent job with this song. As any excellent song is subject to the criticism and acceptance of the audience that listens to why this video is being published as a way to make this song known to all of you.


Sometimes we see in the market a type of music that catches the attention of those who listen to what is trending right now in the taste of good sound. In this video I am showing a different beat, which is preferred by those who are looking for something different.

As an independent artist, only making unique sound and good quality is the way to attract fans to the kind of music that is popular right now. This beat is so popular right now that I'm trying to make it known to a wider public reasons why I'm presenting it to you as a way to enjoy it with the public that is enjoying it right now.

Producing this song cost us a lot of time and effort because we have always thought about the audience that follows us, reason why 2coldchainz and the producer made all the effort so that the quality of the sounds and the samples used would satisfy the considerations of those who they like to listen to a good melody and lyric in a song.

But we can not leave behind the story and the messages that are behind in each of the verses of this song in which the motivation and personal improvement is present in the lyrics of this track. One of the things that was important at the time of making the beats was the originality in the type of sound and sequence of the drums in the track in which the bass has its presence as part of the melody in the music.

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