Hip Hop Music vs R&B music: As a female singer, which genre is the best for you?

Hip Hop Music vs R&B music

Many of us when we are growing up have some kind of dreams when we talk about what we would like to be in the future and being a famous artist is one of those dreams. Particularly I will focus now on those who dream of being a famous artist and more when you are a female artist right now.

One thing is dreams and another thing is the reality of the music market, if you really want to be successful in your career as a singer in a market dominated mostly by men. What kind of music genre is good for you taking into account your personal taste and the talent you have as an artist? It is a question that you must answer long before entering the music market in this moment dominated by hip hip / rap music and trap music right now.

If you are a music lover of R & B music or pop music right now there are some limitations in the music market, in which this type of music genre of music productions, latest songs and positions of the most famous artists very few They are at the top of Billboard - Music Charts in USA. Although we can say that other genres of music have a public that always follow it as Country music and band group that play Rock and roll.

a female singer singing and playing the piano.

It is possible that your vocal skills as singers are great, but right now that does not matter much when choosing your style of music as an artist. Right now there are thousands of artists of R & B music and pop music who have had to adapt their style of music to the reality that the market imposes. Many artists have had to collaborate with artists of other genres, and in the most extreme cases some pop music singers have had to record songs in hip hop or trap music to be relevant in front of a public that demands this style of music.

Right now the vast majority of the big record companies are not supporting the pop music and RnB artists in comparison to the past, unless you have a name like Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Alicia Keys and Ariana Grande for mention the most popular female artists. Distributing your music and placing it in the first places of popularity without financial support is something you should understand when you enter this business.

For a female singer without the support of a record company it is very difficult to succeed right now and being an independent artist has its limitations when we talk about RnB and pop music. Is hip hop / rap music for you? Maybe not, but it's something you should consider if you want to remain relevant or make known your talents right now. When you start your career as a singer, music producer, or musician in general, understanding the music business is something you must understand before entering it.

As we all know, there are thousands of beats producers on the market that you can place verses on either rapping or singing. On the contrary, when you talk about music pop and R&B music, the cost of production is so high that many artists can pay for it. You can play guitar or piano which helps a lot when it comes to producing and writing your own songs, but it also helps you promote your talent as an independent artist. Not all artists have the ability to play this type of music instrument which makes it more difficult to promote their talent.

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