Why is it so hard to make money being famous as a beatmakers?

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Right now it is difficult to be known in the world of music or be the new sensation of the moment with the high cost of production, distribution and promotion of an artist no matter the genre of music, sex of the artist and talent. As some people who know the music business say, not everyone who wants can and has the means to achieve their goals and the producers of beats, and beatmakers are not the exception when we talk about sales, leasing and recognition of their work, by rapper, but also by other producers of beats ..

One of the biggest problems facing beatmakers right now is the lack of diversity in beats production. All in a way mimic the type of beat that is in trend, which rap fans are listening to. In many cases some do not dare to make a beat whose sound and sample is different to what the market is demanding right now. From my point of view this similarity in the beats is the reason why some beatmakers will never make money selling or leasing beats, because they do not offer anything new in the beats market.

Every time you listen to a rapper who does not have the opportunity to produce his own music you will always find the same sample used in all rap beats, the same type of drum, the same type of bass, the same sequence in the snares and the same music production plugins. The only difference between many rappers is the name they have, but when talking about style, lyric and beats used in their tracks, there is not much difference.

Something that we also have to take into consideration when we talk about the difficult market of music for a beatmaker, is that right now, any young person without any knowledge of music, makes a beat of any kind of music sitting in front of a computers in the room of the house. Just look at the thousands of videos on YouTube about the different ways of doing a hip-hop or rap beat, music, electronic music, pop music, house music, reggeaton, dembow and reggae to mention some popular music genres right now.

When in the market there is an exaggerated production of a product, usually the price of this product goes down, when the demand remains stable. There are so many producers of beats in the music market, that many as a way of making themselves known use the resource of giving the public the beats they make and in most cases the leasing a price so low that any rapper can mount a melody in that instrumental beats.

The market of sales and leasing beats is one of the most competitive in the music market at this time. Many do not question talent in those who make beats, but in how difficult it is to make themselves known where there is so much competition. Can social networks and some platforms that streaming help to make your music known? That will depend on how persistent you are in your goals as a beat-maker, but also on the talent and charisma that you present to those who become fans of your music or beats.

How important is the connection with other beatmaker? The only way you can survive as a beatmaker is establishing some kind of relationship with other producers who are in your same situation. There are some producers who will listen to your beats and give you an honest opinion about the level that your beat production is, when we talk about quality, but also about what type of beats is being produced commercially.

It is possible that through another beatmaker one of your beats is heard by some rapper who is looking for the type of beats that you are doing. You also have to take into account that working with a well-known beatmaker is a great way to get to know your name. That's why it's important to have a close relationship with other beatmakers who can make your work known to their fan groups or followers. Although I must admit that placing your beats on the blog is your best option for your beats to be heard by a large number of people.

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