Perhaps - 2Coldchainz Barebone Track Beats

2Coldchainz Barebone Track Beats

When it comes to producing a track that reaches the number one position in billboard hip-hop music that means you have enough talent to reach the hearts of all those who follow your style of music. When we talk about making beats, many times the beat-maker does not have the recognition he deserves.

In many cases, the success of the track depends in large part on the type of beat that came out of the creative mind of the beats producer. It is something that we must change.

As a producer of beats for hip-hop and other genres, in many cases your heart may be in the right place, but if you do not have the necessary tools to produce a good beats your chances of success will always have their limitations.

In many cases the new beats producers that enter the music business the quality in the samples used should always be your first priority if you want rappers and other music producers to take seriously your work as a beat-maker. Believe me! Of one hundred beats that you make, maybe one reaches the ears of a rapper.

Perhaps - It's a kind of track for those who like soft music, and in this case the trap music was my favorite. Reasons why as a beatmaker I am always doing a type of music that I like, but also to the public that follows me on social networks like Facebook, Youtube and Instagram.

 In this particular case I try in this track part of the melody of the track but also the chorus that makes harmony with the melody. This beats you can consider it as a barebone beats which lacks little creativity in the verses to finish the song.

When you hear the beat of this type of trap music, you will not hear the traditional sound that characterizes this sub-genre of hip hop right now. If you listen carefully to all the beats of trap, you will always notice the great resemblance that exists in all the trap producers or beat-makers that are popular right now.

Simply! trap producers introduce different sounds and melodies to them, but in the end they end up producing a product that lacks authenticity. If you are singers or rappers of trap music, one way to get noticed is to produce a different sound than what all beat-makers are doing now. As a rapper or producer of beats if you do not dare, no one will ever notice your work.

I have the beliefs that it does not matter what samples you use, the plugin that is behind every sound that you use in your creations, the best sound system money can buy. If you do not have the ability to create a style of beats that all music listeners can identify, you are a beats producer that is trying to see only the beats business from that commercial perspective. To be successful as beat-makers you must feel passion and love for music if you want to stay in this business for a long time.

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