Music producers or beatmakers and the freestyle beats

freestyle beats instrumental

Whatever digital platform you use to listen to music right now there is a group of artists, rappers, music producers and music writers who always use the same style of beats, melody, history, structures in the verses in the compositions of songs.

Dr. Dre, DJ Khaled, Kendrick Lamar, Drake and Future to mention some of the rappers who produce their own beats right now. As a young music producer, taking or imitating the style of the beats of these famous music producers is something that we all do at the beginning of your career as a producer of beats.

It is possible that I generate a favorite at the time of producing beats whether hip hop, rap, trap music or RnB, but there is usually a genre of music which we consider our strong point. This means that your creative capacity when we talk about music is only limited to a particular genre of music.

As a young music producer preferring music genre in particular is something that you should do if you really want those who seek your services to take you seriously when it comes to using you as a producer. One of the things that a new producer should always have is the ability to create their own style of beats if they want to be successful.

As a new producer is it good for you to use freestyle in your beats? It is something that only your creative ability can respond and so seriously you are taking your career as a music producer. One of the characteristics that established producers in the music market have such as Dr. Dre, DJ Khaled, Kendrick Lamar, and Jay-Z, is the authenticity in each of the samples they use when they make beats.

How good should your hip hop beats instrumental be to attract the attention of the artists? When we talk about quality, authenticity of the beats made by a beatmaker, the price is something we should consider. One thing is a beatmaker who is doing a particular beat for a rapper and another thing is a beat-maker who produces beats to sell or lease to the public for prices that some may be considered as low.

How do you know if the quality of your beats is good? This is where the new beats producers have problems, because in some cases they confuse quality with personal taste. As a producer of all beats, there are certain rules regarding the structures, type of sound, samples, and market trends that must follow. If as a producer of beats you want to be taken seriously by other beatmakers who are at another level in terms of their capacity for creativity is something that should take into account.

Many music producers are beatmakers, but there are many beatmakers who are not music producers. As a beatmaker, knowing this distinction is something that you must take into account when deciding on what you plan to use all your creative talent. Make beats using the free style of beats is something that can fill you with great satisfaction as artists, music producer or beatmaker but it is not the best way when you are new to the business of music.

A rapper does not use your beats because it is your favorite instrumental beat, but because that beat called the attention of this artists. When we talk about the world of music it does not matter how much you like a beats created by you as beatmakers that matters little if the public does not like that beats. As beatmakers you do not make beats to listen to it, you do it to sell it or lease it to the public in general.

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