How hard is it for women to be part of the hip-hop world?


If we take as examples to consider the great extents that have Cardi B and Nicki Minaj right now we would have the impression that women are an important part in the world of hip-hop rap, when experience shows the opposite. For every 10 male rappers you find a female rapper.

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 When we speak of those who listen to hip-hop music, especially rappers, we have to say that the majority of fans are male. Maybe the message in each of the lyrics and verses in the majority of rap track is the reason for this little interest of the female fans of this urban genre.

Some people who know the world of music say that the RnB music is the genre that really catches the attention of female fans, for the romantic content, but also for the mood in the lyrics and melody of a song of this style music. Contrary to the genre of hip-hop or rap, when we talk about R & B sound female artists dominate this market, but also the amount of female fans far outnumber the male fanatic.

In the hip-hop world, it is dominated by young men and boys who use this lifestyle as a social expression. The lyric, beats and verses in each of the hip-hop tracks is just a medium that they use as a form of personal expression. For any woman entering the world of hip-hop is much more difficult than men. Men live in the rap world, women sing in the hip-hop world.

If all these difficulties that women have to enter the world of hip-hop and be accepted by fans of this urban genre. Imagine how difficult it is for a woman to be recognized in the production of beats for hip-hop or rap. How many women do you know who produce beats right now? We could count it with the fingers of the hands.

When talking about the production of beats for other artists, the face of a beatmakers woman is not the first thing that comes to the mind of some rapper or producer of tracks. Although I must accept that many female rappers have the knowledge and talent to make beats, but also to write the lyrics of their songs.

But, if we look at all the music videos we have a high presence of women visually used to promote hip-hop music on YouTube, but also on all social networks. Contrario when we talk about music production, music promotion, beat creation, song writers and because not being an important part in urban music business is something that women have not been able to hold important positions and recognition of the fans that many artists rappers deserve.

Other things that do not help in the integration of women in the world of hip-hop or rap is all the negative associated with this lifestyle of some of the exponents of urban music, in which drugs or consumption of prohibited substance, protitucion, criminality, language burgar and the particular form that some of the rappers wear in the type of clothing they choose.

A large majority of rappers and urban artists present a lifestyle in the videos and lyrics of the tracks that often does not represent the reality of the majority of the African-American population in America especially women, much less in the young white population who consume this type of music.

Rap is a style of music directed towards young boys by male rappers using an explicit content in the lyrics that they use to send a message that represents the situation of poverty and exclusion in the poor neighborhoods of the United States.

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