How good are you as a rapper?

How good are you as a rapper?

When you are small you dream of becoming as famous and rich as the rappers we listen to on the radio or streaming platform and we watch on television a normal process of growth and development in life as individuals. But, to become a rapper with millions of fanatics, you need something more. Talent, persistence, passion and belief in yourself is something that every successful rapper has.

We all have some kind of talent. How to discover what is your talent? When you try to do something, ask yourself how easy or difficult it was for you to do it? If when it is doing something it is time passes without realizing it? And finally, how enthusiastic were you while I was doing something? In each of the answers you will find in the houses that you have a certain talent. When we talk about producing music, creating verses and you love making sounds it is possible that you have talents to be a rapper.

Everyone who is in music business knows that it is not enough to have talents to be recognized by their fans. You need to have passion in what you like, but also persist in the goals that you have as people. To be a good rapper, passion is something that drives you to know the world of hip-hop in your need for personal expression through music, but persistence is the force that will really keep you looking for your goals when things are not coming out as we expected.

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In the world of music all artists have their ups and downs, being rappers is not the exception. As a rapper, the rejection of producers, promoters and the companies that record music in your first steps is something you should expect. Only when you have a huge belief in your talent and what you can do as an artist will you be given the chance to succeed in the music business. No rapper is famous from one day to the next if he does not do something to make that happen.

Clearly! The fact that you have talent, passion and belief in yourself is not enough to be considered a good rapper. Here is where your personality, type of voice, creative, ability to tell a story through verses using a beat as instrumental and the ability to motivate or call attention to the public in each presentation will determine how good you are as rappers. If you fail to communicate to your public and make that emotional connection that your audience is looking for through your lyrics and beats, you are not succeeding as a rapper.

The amount of fans that follow your music or follow you on social networks not in your indication of being a good rapper, Any advertising strategy can get that support in social networks without much trouble when you have the necessary financial support. Nor can we say that when each of your songs is never considered in the first places of the billboard of music that you are a bad rapper. Once all that depends on the support that your equieto work I do to make this happen and the support shown by the labels to support you as a rapper.

If you really want to know if you're a good rapper? The opinion of people or other rappers who know the business of music should be your first priority. Therefore, sending your work to hip-hop music promoters, blog promoting hip-hop, and asking the opinion of producers of beats for rappers is a good place to start.

In some cases the opinion of some fans and each of friends or relatives who follow your career are not a reliable source to realize how good we are as rappers. There is no better opinion than that of those who can really value your talent or lack of it when they are not emotionally committed to you as a person to make you feel good. But one of the things that a good rapper has, is to believe that they really are. If you believe in yourself as a rapper and recognize the talent that you have, your chances of success will depend only on you.

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