As artists, rappers, music producer or beatmakers is Instagram for you?

As artists is Instagram for you?

Right now we live in a globalized world! What tells us that there is a high level of competition in everything we do and the business of music is not the exception. As an artist you should be part of this type of trend that exists now in which instagram has its presence.

Social networks are allowing connections to all people from different parts of the world, who speak different languages, but also have different tastes and needs. Instagram is good for you, if you want to market your business to people who do not know your names or the product and service you offer.

A large majority of artists, rappers, music producers, sound engineers and music promoters use social networks to establish their Brand name to future fans who follow their style of music. For some instagram is the ideal platform to establish a more direct contact with the fans who follow your music.

Having an instagram presence is enough to make your name brand known? Not really but it is one of the online platform that gives you more opportunity to meet new people who have the same passion. We must say that before using instagram you have to have a vision of what kind of image as artists or business you want to sell to the public.

To be successful in a social platform like instagram there are some things that you must have: Passion for what you do, believe in what you do, be persistent in what you are doing and work hard to achieve your dreams as an artist. As an artist trying to grow your name, instagram is a good place online to reach your goals.

Instagram like all social networks, if you want to be successful, there are many steps that you must take to make this happen. As an artist you must treat your followers as the reason for your presence on this platform where the interaction is necessary if you really want to be seen. Answer when time permits the most relevant comments and genuinely establish good communication with each of your followers.

If you are rappers, producer of music or beatmakers; Instagram is a good place to make your business known. That means that you must promote your beats, the tracks that you are producing as a way to keep your followers and future customers aware of what you are doing. As much talent as you have as a rapper or beatmaker, if you do not promote your work to the public nobody will know what you are doing.

As an artist, I believe that instagram is important to you, as long as you dedicate the effort and time necessary to maintain and increase your presence in this social platform. If you do not have a budget to promote your music through a marketing strategy, a social network like instagram is for you.

Several words that you should always remember if you want to succeed in a social platform like Instagram: Passion, persistence, market strategy, believe in yourself, but above all in the talent that you have or in the quality of the service and product that you are promoting in any social network and Instagram is not the exception.

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When we talk about instagram, there are many things we should know about this social platform in which the use in the famous Hashtags if you really want to have followers is something that should pay attention every time you post something in your personal account or account of business.

To know the best strategies to gain followers in instagram, there are thousands of videos on Youtube that talk about this topic extensively and more when Instagram changed the argorisms of those who use this social network platform. Something that you must take into account also is that instagram use images that draw the attention of the followers is the norm, apart from the consistency in the content.

When you have few followers the use of videos helps, but I particularly do not recommend it unless it is part of your advertising strategy or presentation style to make your account known. Before having an account in instagrama have a vision of the type account and the way you think to make known your name or product is good to know, either through personal video or photography.

All the effort that you put into the video edition visually well done does not help you much when you have few followers, unless in your area of ​​interest requires it. On the contrary when you have many followers, we are talking about thousands, upload a short video is something that is advised for your account to fulfill its objectives.

You always take into account something, and that is that all your followers will always be waiting for you to express what you think, promote or sell using videos or photographic images. A good camera and video program is something you should do if you expect people to take you seriously on Instagram if you are thinking of doing business on this social platform.
Think wisely! If you know the new argorism in intagrams, in which only 10% of your followers have the opportunity to listen to your music every time you publish it in this social network. That means that of every 100 followers less than ten will listen to your music if they are active on instagram at the moment you publish your post.

Instagram is forcing you to pay for advertising if you want to be heard by your fans or want to expand your fan base. These are some of the things that you should have a consideration when viewing this social network as your only option to make your music known. On that side, using all social platforms is something that you should take advantage of if you want to be successful and do not put all your effort only in Instagram.

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