What kind of beats are in trend right now?

It is possible that you have heard the song that is on the top of the billboard 100 right now, but one of the things that we must accept is that behind that great hit that is in the top charts there is always a beat as a reason for the success of this song.

Right now a kind of beat that is dominating the market music we must admit that the sound of hip hop and each of the tracks of rap music is beat is always behind the popularity of any type of urban music. If you are a lover of sound of the drums, snare or the sound of the bass, when you speak of hip hop and trap music the beat is what the fans look for in each tracks.

One of the things that every rapper, hip hop singer or music trap, producer of music and promoter knows is that when we talk about urban music everything depends on the quality, the sounds and the potential of the beat that is behind each track. . The lyric of the verses is important the vocalization of the rapper is important, but none of that is important if the instrumental of the beat does not attract the attention of those who listen to that track.

How is a beat produced that attracts the attention of the urban music fan? Believe me! If every music producer knew that answer there would be thousands of tracks that would occupy the first position in the billboard of hip hop or rap music.

rapper track beats lease or selling

The creativity in sound, the harmony in the sequence of the drums, beauty in the music and the most fundamental knowledge when we talk about music would be my best answers, but I believe that everything is in how authentic is your work as Beat producer and how good you are creating new sounds.

Right now there are thousands of young music producers who are trying to make their name known in the music market trying to sell, promote, download, and lease their beats to rapper or hip hop singer or R & B music that needs a beat for its track or album. But right now it is one of the most competitive markets in the world of hip hop and more if you only produce beat for rappers.

But despite their efforts as producers of beats it is not easy to draw attention when we see the huge amount of good quality beats that come out every day to the beats market.

 Cold Chains Trap Beat on Youtube

When we talk about the sale of beats the competition is hard right now and more when you are not a recognized producer in the beats market for those who are looking for this type of product. No matter how good you are as a producer, if nobody knows you, nobody will use your beats on one of your tracks.

Some young producers as a way to publicize their work go to the extreme of selling their beats at low price and in some cases give it for free which I would not advise right now.

Nor would I advise new artists or rappers to use this type of beats that are offered free of charge, because in the long term it would bring in many more problems than they solve if this track were to become a hit. Believe me! A free beat is not worth the effort if you really want to be successful in the world of music.

When we talk about the rights of the owners who are behind in the production of beats and the samples used in the production of this beat, having some kind of contract related to this particular beats is the best action to avoid headaches later ...

exclusive Beats vs lease beats who wins

Which method is better to make money: exclusive Beats vs lease beats? 

That will depend in large part on what your economic situation is as a producer and what potential that beat has to become a hit song in the future.

When you are at a certain level of beat production, in many cases you do not lease your beats, you wait for the right artist or situation to sell the rights to that beat. As an artist, I do not recommend leasing beats either. An exclusive beat is the best option as an artist. Everything is a matter of having the exclusive rights of the production of a song.

As a producer you can lease your beats to several artists that need that kind of instrumental music, but you can also offer an exclusive beat when we talk about an artist or rapper who is known in the market who is taking his career seriously, which will increase the economic gains of the beat in the future as owner of that beat for the rights that you have as creator.

If you listen to all the platforms that straming music right now you will have an idea of ​​what type of beats is a trend in those who listen to music through these digital platforms. But I'm what I think creating beats because it's the kind of sound that is popular right now is not the best when you're a beats producer.

Create your own sound, follow your own style of beat is the best way to be known by artists who are looking for beats to include in each of their tracks or albums. The talent of a beats producer is recognized when the artists can recognize the producer that is behind a beats. Do not produce a beats because it is the trend, but because it is the type of beat that represents your creativity as a producer.

As a rapper if for some reason you hear a beat for the first time. A beat and it produces in you an indiscritible emotion and at that moment it made you dream that you were singing on the big stage of the world, the song that is in your mind, that tells you that beat can be that great opportunity to show your talent to the world. If you like your fans, they will like it too.

But, above all, when you listen to that beat, each of the verses that complements that beat comes to mind. Do not waste time and buy that beats, do not lease it. It does not matter the economic sacrifice that costs you to buy the rights of esclusi vity of that beat is something that as an artist you must do. A successful song does not arrive every day.

When you buy the right of exclusivity of that beat which often we are talking about $ 50 or $ 100 dollars in a blog that offers online beats, that way that beat that caught your attention will only be in your song.

No one can use that beat, other than you. You have a exclusivity contract with the producer of that beat. Because in the same way as that beat I create emotions in you, it will also create emotions in other artists that listen to that beat. An artist like the fans of rap or hip hop music we recognize when we are before a track beat that will be a success with the correct lyric.

You do not notice it, but often a beat talks to you because that beat is something about which you identify as a person, but also as artists. That's why I think that as a rapper or hip hop singer or R&B music try to choose beat that really is a reflection of what you want, what you are and what you really want to project to your fans. Your authenticity as artists should be reflected in the type of beat music that you are promoting.

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