New Playlist by Pink Star and Cold Chains

New Playlist by Bogus

For some reason all the female or male artists try to make themselves known to the public through the platform that streamed online music. In this the case Pink Star a female artist who is using this digital platform as spotify so that her fans can listen to her music.

Pink Star playlist on spotify


 If for some reason you are a hip hop or rap music lover this playlist is for you which was gathered by Pink Star, so that the fans of the new style of beats enjoy the songs that are at the top of the popularity according to to spotify and the billboard 100 of urban music right now.

Pink Star  is an artists who through this playlist is trying to get her fans to be in more direct contact with her, but also with each of her music productions.

But what we can say about Pink Star is a playlist that you would like very much if you like the hip hop and rap beats that are currently popular. There is no digital platform in which the music of African-American rappers are occupying the first places of preference of fans who listen to music.

Pink Star as artists who take their first step in the music business there is no better advertising strategy than to make your music known through a playlist on spotify one of the digital platforms that most popular music streaming at this time in all parts of the world.

 Cold Chains playlist on spotify

As a music writer and interpreter of her songs pink star is always giving the kind of music that the public expects from her. As a way for fans to enjoy each of their tracks, but also to enjoy the type of urban music that she likes. By supporting this playlist you are supporting everything pink star is trying to do for your fans.

When we talk about the Cold Chains playlist we should say that try to put in one place that kind of romantic songs that I'm sure you'll like to those who appreciate good music and more when we talk about music that young Americans are listening to right now.

Cold Chains is a type of artist who, despite her talent as an artist, songwriters and music producers, has not yet made herself known in the music business by music fans who listen to music on the main platforms that streaming online music.

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