2Coldchainz beats Playlist on Spotify

Cold chains Playlist on Spotify

Right now when there are thousands of ways to listen to the songs of your favorite artist or band, there are also many artists that the public has not yet known about their talent, this would be the case of the female artist known by her fans as Cold Chains as well as many more.

When we talk about rappers who are at the top of rap music billboard right now, we must say that the playlist couldchains beats has all the tracks that urban music fans are listening to at this moment on all digital platforms such as Apple Music, YouTube Music, Google Play Music, Pandora, Slacker Radio, Spotify, although for me Tidal is my favorite place when I want to listen to the new tracks of my favorite rapper.


Is it a playlist on spotify instead of the right place for you to listen to your favorite songs? It is a question which only you know the answer. In my particular case as a fan of spotify each of the tracks of my favorite artist is the digital streaming music platform that is ideal for me.

At this moment with the popularity of social networks, your smart phone is the electronic device that you use the most right now. With just download an apps in Google stores you can be connected to the online platform that sells, download and stream music by touching the screens on your phone intelligences.

As artists, music producer, rapper or hip hop singers and trap music, having a playlist in a digital shop is now a necessity if you want to know what is really happening with your songs. Which tracks is the most popular? Who and where are your fans listening? It's something that you want to know as an artist. As a fan on this digital platform you can find out how many users are listening to each of the tracks that you like, but also which artists and songs are being trending right now.

If you are looking for a type of playlist that has what you are listening to, or because you have included the tracks that are on the mole of popularity right now in all the digital platforms that are streaming music Cold Chains is the playlist for you. Why? This playlist includes those songs of hip hop, rap and trap music that people are listening to at this moment. Also this playlist in spotify is being modified every week as a way to include the track that is hot at that moment.

Luckily for ColdChains beats there are many ways to bring fans the type of music that is producing, composing and performing right now. Digital platforms such as Pandora, Slacker Radio, Spotify, Tidal.Amazon Prime, Apple Music, YouTube Music and Google Play Music allow independent artists like Cold Chains to present their songs to the public without much trouble.

Believe me! When we talk about the best rappers who are at the top of billboard hip-hop music right now, especially when we talk about spotify artists like Post Malone, SAD !, Drake, Kendrick Lamar, Zacari, Ty Dollar $ ign, Justine Skye, vory, Tony Lanez, Owl City, Disturbed, Silence 4 are some of the raspero whose tracks you want to hear right now.

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