2ColdChainz beats new trap beat

Cold Chains new trap beats

When you are an artist or music producer that starts in the music business, one way to make money is buying, distributing, downloading, selling, and leasing beats online. Your creative idea when we talk about producing beats, for rappers, hip hop artist or trap music to mention the most popular urban genres right now. In the end how you use your talent as beats is what will determine your success as a producer.

Whatever your method is either leasing or selling the rights to your beats, one thing that you should keep in mind is the quality of the samples, your personal style of producing music, passion, and knowledge of what is happening in the business. Producing beats and improving your product is something that you should keep in mind all the time if you want to be successful in the beats market.

As good as you are in the production of beats, for established artists or those rappers who are just beginning, you have to give them a reason why they should use the beats that you produce. At this moment with the popularity that social networks have especially digital platafarma as youtube show your beats to the public is always important if you expect that fans, rappers and other artists take your work seriously. As a producer of beats you learn with praise, but also with criticism.

In my particular case many times I use the beats that I have created taking into account a particular song. On other occasions I have used the beats of other producers, whose work and style of beats is what I am looking for at that moment. When you are in the music business, nothing is personal, everything depends on what I work for you. When you are trying to launch a track to the market that catches the attention of the fans who follow your music is what matters most.

Usually when I'm looking for a beat especially for some musical project that I have in mind, one of the first places you visit are those online stores that sell or lease the rights of beats, in which you can hear the beats of thousands of beats producers that offer their product in these online beats shop. In some occasions to have an idea of ​​the type of beats that are being produced right now, I usually listen to the beats that the producers show on YouTube in the channels dedicated for these purposes as a method to find beats that I can use in future projects.

As an artist, rapper or singer of hip hop or trap music when I find a beat that I usually like to show my followers on social networks as a way to make known this producer. When we talk about the production of beats and new young producers who are trying to sell or lease the rights of the beats created by them, we must understand that there are excellent producers, but there are also producers who still have a lot to learn when we talk about the quality of the samples, unique sound and melody of the beats.

Cold Chains is a female producer of beats who little by little is improving in the production of beats, but who also is not afraid to follow the advice of those producers established in the market of production of beats. Somehow I like his simple style of making beats of trap and hip hop, in which the bass is not what the beat does as a special something, but the gorque del los tabores and this sample work.

 I believe that with the hard work Cold Chains in the future can be one of the best producers of beats, no matter the genre of music that she intends to produce. On that side I encourage her as new producers of their own beats to continue improving in the production of beats, but also using the different samples of music that the market offers right now to those who are making beats. In most cases when we talk about the production of beats women are not well represented right now in the music market.

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